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Hello, Dreamwidth!

uno. So thanks so much first to [personal profile] cinnamon for the invite code. In return I'm pimping her friends meme. I'm sure all of us are messeging LJ friends to add us here, but the rule is always, the more the better.


dos. I wanna to join lots of communities so if anyone knows of any devoted to the following people please be kind and tell me :]
list, list, list )
tres. I'm having some technical problems with my site. I tried to pimp it but I'm really just godawful with HTML shit. If anyone knows how I can remove the Tag link on my menu bar that'd be awesome as well as how to fix my About Me section in my profile. With the last one, I just wanna know how I can center the words and the pic, and how to change the font and size of my quote. thnx in advance to those kind souls!